As the march of progress continues to advance, even the most experienced engineers need to constantly educate themselves on new software, tools, technology and emerging trends, from both an industry perspective and specific to the needs of each company they work for. At EASi, our Domain Knowledge Institute (DKI®) training ensures our consultants and clients stay connected with the latest in this fast paced world and are ahead of the competition. At EASi, our learning and development approach focused on performance improvement and results ensures our consultants and clients stay connected with the latest resources to position them ahead of the competition.

Domain Knowledge Institute (DKI®)

EASi’s Domain Knowledge Institute (DKI®) is our robust repository of industry specific courses and learning material. There has never been a greater need for engineers who know industry-specific processes and practices. Even the best universities can't fully prepare graduates for the specific needs and demands of working for our customers. Our rapid learning boot camp uses a hands-on training approach to bring engineers up to speed on the latest industry-specific technology and research in a compressed timeframe. And our ongoing education programs keep engineers on top of the latest techniques, best practices, trends and regulatory implications.

Courses within DKI are developed by by engineers for engineers. We combine specific company, industry, tool and engineering knowledge to fit the culture and needs of each of our customers. Utilizing the latest research and the mentorship of top subject matter experts, classroom and video sessions combine with interactive tools, workstation training and best practice written materials. And we ensure that the understanding of these topics stays current and deepens through workshops, industry visits, webinars and seminars. Whether it is learning the latest CAD and CAE software, building up design and release capabilities, or training in the high-voltage design needs of utility substations, we ensure our consultants have the right domain knowledge for each customer.