Academic & Health Care Research

Every cure starts with an idea that needs to grow and develop to succeed, and the research done at academic institutions, specialized foundations and health care systems is more crucial than ever in order to improve health outcomes. We support basic research, applied research and clinical research services to advance initial concepts within the lab, while providing research support for phases I through III, late phase and real world evidence studies for clinical trials. Our goal is to get your breakthrough research to market where people and companies can use it most. 

Our Expertise
Specialized expertise is needed throughout research and development, pre-clinical research and clinical trials, and we utilize our experience to determine service needs, implement technology transfer solutions and even help you build your research program from the ground up through our flexible delivery model. We use the right mixture of talent and technology to help you seize additional revenue opportunities — whether through maintaining current research funding or through generating additional revenue from private company sponsorships in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device industries and more. Our teams have extensive experience, and our strategic partnership with Aerotek gives us unparalleled access to recruit and retain specialized talent familiar with research operations and protocols.

We provide academic and health care research support to resolve management challenges at the following research sites:

  • Institutes
  • Universities
  • Foundations
  • Hospitals
  • Physician Groups
  • For-profits and Non-profits

Our Consultative Approach
The collaborative approach we take with our partners makes us uniquely suited to not just manage the complexities, but help research thrive in this convergence of different perspectives. Whether you need project-based consultants, or you need to deploy a medical quality assurance division, we utilize our business transformation approach to optimize complex processes to get all the various pieces working together at their full potential.

As academic research expands our understanding of the world around us, keeping up with the latest technology becomes essential. Utilizing a diverse range of experts, our focus on learning and development ensures onboarding and project startup happen at an accelerated rate. Through our continuous learning processes, we ensure our employees and our customers not only stay on the cutting edge of research, but also help push breakthroughs forward.