Case Study

EASi Helps IT Leader with Leading-Edge Video and Audio Technology

EASi manages a collaborative effort among engineering specialists to help a large networking and communication company develop leading-edge video and audio stream technology on time and on budget. 

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Business Pain
Our client needed a complex product development solution for its telepresence endpoint that required development of many electronics modules, mechanical components and software modules.  

The EASi Solution
EASi’s program managed a video collaboration solution using leading-edge silicon and materials; multiple levels of integration; and test development and execution in development, manufacturing and compliance. Prototyping and manufacturing were executed through offshore contract manufacturers at multiple sites. Some modules involved management of JDM/OEM partners. 

The solution was among the industry’s first H.265 triple-screen products. The product combines life-size, high-definition video with multiple content sharing, screen content windowing, spatial audio, and an advanced touch user interface, all integrated for great immersive experience.


EASi’s efforts resulted in a product delivering leading-edge video and audio stream technology. In addition, the program was delivered within the committed schedule and cost, and provided significant COGS improvement supporting lower customer costs with improved client profitability.

Skill Sets

Audio/video Processing 
Linux Application providing Audio/Video Stream Management and System Connectivity
Intel Broadwell CPU, Multiple Telera DSP chips, PLX PCIe Switches, Xilinx FPGA, TI Netra DSP, Sharp Display Panels, Microphones, Cameras
MSProject, Excel, Visio, and Access and included Structured Tables, SQL, Pivot Reports, Active Visualizations, Visual Basic and Other Languages