Case Study

Fulfilling Rare Skillsets Allows EASi to Help Telecom Giant

EASi offers a large networking and communication company a consolidated solution for handling diagnostics and validation testing that results in a streamlined process and significant cost savings. 

The client and challenge
A worldwide leader in IT that helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected. Our client required diagnostics and validation testing support for its products, which include routers and switches, and faced a number of challenges in fulfilling that work. The work requires hard-to-find engineers, and internal cost pressures coupled with the war for talent made it even more difficult to successfully recruit the employees.  To meets its needs, our client was managing multiple vendors, resulting in increased management oversight. 

The EASi solution
EASi’s wide ranging capabilities allowed the client to consolidate its vendor base, reducing management oversight.

EASi’s services support time-to-market for its products and help it realize cost benefits through our ongoing services.

EASi provides ongoing managed services in electronic hardware diagnostics, optical design validation testing (ODVT), electromagnetic compliance (EMC) and mechanical design validation test (MDVT). Electronic hardware diagnostics design development includes diagnostics requirements gathering, diagnostics functional specification, code development and hardware bring-up and release.

ODVT services include ODVT test and IEEE compliance, build/set-up of testbed for optical, copper, IEEE Ethernet and host electrical testing, test planning activities for 10/100/1g copper and IG/10G/40G and maintaining lab infrastructure (calibration/repair/maintenance). 

EMC services include build/set-up of the testbed for radiated emission, conducted emission, radiated immunity, electrostatic discharge (ESD), test execution and test planning activity and executing test plans, troubleshooting test setup and run time issues and maintaining lab infrastructure (calibration/repair/maintenance).

The results
EASi has successfully fulfilled the work, including the rare skillsets the client had struggled to fill. Because EASi has the resources to fulfill the work, the client was able to consolidate its vendor base, reduce management oversight and realize significant costs savings.

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