Case Study

Lighting Company Shines with EASi's Scalable Service Solutions

EASi supports a lighting company by providing designs and service solutions that range from small single-zone residential lighting systems to large, automated commercial lighting systems. 

The client and challenge
Developing the next generation of residential lighting solutions to take advantage of the vast opportunity offered by the Internet of Things (IoT) was a crucial business priority for our client, an industry leader in residential and commercial lighting design and control. Simultaneously, the company needed to conduct a broad-range systems software testing effort. The demand for high-level engineering support, onsite and nearby offsite, was critical and hard to satisfy. It needed a vendor to work onsite, with the ability to scale its workforce up and down to meet its fluctuating product development cycle. The MSP employed at the time was unable to satisfy the company’s needs.

The EASi solution
EASi’s solution included onsite project teams, onsite resources and work packages delivered from a nearby delivery center. We provided qualified people with the specific engineering competencies, including embedded software development, mechanical development, systems/software testing and manufacturing process support service, to support the company’s workload. EASi’s deep understanding of project-based work and the client’s specific development process helped make EASi a highly-qualified partner.

The results
EASi helped the client meet its product development goals, with designs ranging from small single-zone residential lighting systems to large, automated commercial lighting systems. At the same time, EASi’s ability to scale up and down helped the client avoid a RIF and helped it keep pace with systems software testing efforts. EASi’s engagement supported 12 projects and/or systems with system validation testing, automated system regression, testing using robot framework, software unit testing, system integration and validation, embedded software enhancements, PCB layout for RFP compatibility, RF analysis and testing, BOM analysis and value analysis/value engineering (VA/VE) support, among other responsibilities.

Embedded Software Engineers
System Test Engineers
Hardware Engineers
Program Managers