Case Study

Mattress Manufacturer Elevates Sleep Technology to a New Level with Support from EASi

EASi helps mattress manufacturer evolve its products for the twenty first century with an onshore and offshore solution to keep the company at the forefront of the industry. 

The client and challenge
Our client, a major mattress and bed frame manufacturer, which has seized the opportunity to transform its traditional product line, enhanced their brand image, expands their customer base and increases sales. Once the most low-tech product imaginable, mattresses have now evolved significantly in recent years. Adjustable beds, standard in hospitals and once seen as the purview of the elderly when used at home, have been transformed into “lifestyle beds,” luxury products targeted to a wide range of demographics and acknowledging that beds today need to accommodate many more activities than just sleeping. As a traditional mattress design company, our client was new to the electronic systems necessary for their new designs, which included features like heating, cooling and massage options, as well as adjustable zones for head, foot and lumbar support, all controlled via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi based remote controls and smart phone apps.

The company lacked formal specifications and system-level documentation, a situation made more challenging by budget constraints that restricted the size of the on-site team. Using multiple suppliers for electronic components created issues with project management and integration. The client needed an experienced engineering partner to develop, design, test, automate, redesign, integrate and validate all of the components for their remote control and mobile application engine. In addition, they were looking for a team that could develop the solution locally and then potentially move it offshore when ready.

The EASi solution
With extensive experience in applying electronic systems to consumer products, EASi was selected as the engineering partner for the client. EASi began by establishing a project manager to implement a two-phased solution. In Phase I of this project, EASi coordinated all supplier issues and began tracking them in a product development system. Next, EASi established a team of system integration test engineers, functional test engineers and data analysts to support the design and integration of all system components, conduct system validation/testing, develop system documentation and support the domain experience development. EASi also researched and produced hardware that enhanced the test laboratory, making it faster and more efficient to conduct product testing.

Phase II of the solution transitioned responsibility to EASi’s offshore development center in India. Working there is a dedicated team of system test engineers, smart phone application developers and mechanical engineers who are responsible for the system integration of all components, system validation/testing, smart phone application development/maintenance, mechanical design/analysis and embedded software development/maintenance.

The results
Sleep technology is an enormous industry opportunity, and the client was able to compete aggressively and transform its business results thanks to EASi, which improved productivity and performance while managing the design, development, testing and integration of multi-feature mattresses.

System Test Engineer
Smart Phone Application Developers
Project Manager
Mechanical Engineers
On-site Coordinator