Case Study

Networking Giant Amps Up Innovation with Seamless Support from EASi

EASi's ability to provide local talent on a project basis helps a large networking and communication company achieve significant cost savings and revenue improvement, as well as greater regulatory compliance. 

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Business Pain
Despite the long development cycles needed to bring new technology to market, meeting product and program deadlines is essential to our client. However, with the adoption of the C-Worker (Pontoon) Managed Service Program (MSP) program in 2014, all contingent labor engagements came under the scrutiny of management, co-employment risk mitigation efforts and SOX compliance. The resulting lean budgets, efficiency goals and regulatory factors made projects difficult to run.

The EASi Solution
EASi built an engineering and technology solutions team onsite at the client’s location, providing full service delivery, operations support, field support, and project management services. Having the entire EASi team onsite allowed them to integrate seamlessly with internal teams, for increased collaboration, problem-solving and IP control.

EASi also delivered in-depth project tracking, including bi-yearly updates on pending engagements and pending opportunities, supplier accomplishments and challenges, alignment with the company’s strategic focus, labor data/retention, productivity and business impact delivered, industry updates and supplier recommendations and Purchase Order (PO)/SOW Status.

EASi’s ability to provide local talent on a project basis helped our client achieve significant cost savings and revenue improvement, broadened access to talent, increased worker quality, workforce insight and greater regulatory compliance while also mitigating co-employment risk. EASi achieved all milestones including 100% compliance in the C-Worker supplier audit. Our solution allows the company’s engineers to focus on doing what they’re best at, concentrate on their next innovation and stay ahead of their competition.

Skill Sets
Hardware Engineering
Hardware Testing
Software/Systems Development
Data Analysis
Technical Writing
Program Management