Electrical Engineering

It's called the spark of invention for a reason. Great minds are continuously creating new ways to harness electricity and impact almost every aspect of our daily lives. From figuring out how to make a simple control circuit smaller and more elegant to developing more efficient ways to transmit power across a country, our electrical engineers connect the components that make modern life possible.

Whether it is the smallest integrated circuit, the miles of wire in a car’s wiring harness, or the thousands of miles of transmission lines for a utility, our electrical engineers design, layout, simulate and analyze the schematics for each industry-specific application. While transmitting data to a digital device and controlling the power to an industrial motor may be dramatically different in scale and application, our attention to detail remains the same.

We ensure that each system can handle the current and voltages, with the necessary grounding, redundancy and protection needed for safe and reliable operation. But beyond the wires, our engineers test, analyze and validate systems to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI), ensure electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and meet Radio Frequency (RF) compliance. Our engineers have the expertise to deliver solutions that meet the operational, regulatory and industrial standards our customers demand.

As electrification continues to permeate all aspects of our lives, so does the need to optimize cost, efficiency, integration and reliability of electrical systems. EASi provides our customers with the engineering solutions they need, from supporting on-site operations to providing validation from one of our engineering centers.