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Consumer & Industrial Products

Keeping up with increasing demand in a globally competitive marketplace requires companies to not just work harder, but to work smarter. Our engineers help our customers better manage resources, automate and virtually eliminate waste, while protecting the intellectual property that keeps them at the cutting edge.

Transforming a kernel of an idea into a viable product while meeting production deadlines and regulatory compliance requires a wide range of expertise. At EASi, we design, model, test and analyze the products that keep our customers ahead of the competition. Our mechanical engineering expertise ensures each part has the fit, form and function to meet the demands of our customers. With the latest in mechatronics, we are integrating the sensing, processing, control and software that make all types of machines smarter. While we help our customers connect their products to the Internet of Things (IoT), we ensure they not only communicate over the latest wireless protocols, but also meet EMI and EMC compliance that ensures they do not interfere with other devices.

Whether our clients need specific, specialized expertise or need a consultant on-site at a remote location, our strategic partnership with Aerotek gives us unrivaled access to engineering talent. Combined with deep expertise in the latest technology across engineering disciplines, we ensure our customers have the right teams where they need them. 

But having an innovative product is only as good as the ability to bring it to market first. At EASi, our on-site capabilities ensure that the most closely held secrets never leave our customers. Combined with our extensive processes and secure remote IT connectivity, our customers can be assured that their intellectual property is fully secure, even if they seek the speed of our onshore engineering centers or the cost efficiencies of offshore. Combined with our extensive experience in setting up optimized manufacturing, EASi ensures our customers are bringing the products that change how business is done and change how consumers interact with the world around them.