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Heavy Equipment

We have been able to feed a growing population and literally move mountains with the strength and power of heavy equipment. But through the latest technology, we are able to make these behemoths smarter and more efficient, increasing productivity and reliability while reducing environmental impact.

The stresses placed on heavy equipment are massive. Every mechanical, hydraulic and electrical system needs to work flawlessly under heavy loads, or it endangers the safety of the operators and the viability of the company that relies on it. We design, model, analyze and prototype to ensure every component is up to the job, down to each bolt and weld. And we help the production processes and tooling that ensure real world results live up to the test bench.

But beyond brute strength, advancements in electronics have allowed heavy equipment to work smarter. We ensure that the latest data, telematics and communication make the most of these machines. We give agricultural machinery the GPS guidance and semi-autonomous operation that lets them precisely plant seeds to the fraction of an inch and maximize crop yields, all from a simple touch screen display. Our electronic systems let construction equipment communicate and coordinate to securely optimize operations and ensure the right equipment is where it needs to be at the right time. And we take the intelligence inside the machinery, to not just diagnose problems after they happen, but to predict and prevent failures in the field, scheduling maintenance and ordering new parts before the equipment goes down.

At EASi, we can bring the expertise you need where you need it. Our on-site services ensure clear communication, confidentiality and collaboration, while onshore and offshore services speed up delivery and control costs. Our extensive experience adapting engines to meet emissions standards and deep industry-specific regulatory expertise ensure that our solutions are in compliance with the latest regulations. And our ability to bring in the best engineers from their respective fields with an array of backgrounds ensures our heavy equipment customers stay ahead of global competition.