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Global Capabilities

We take a consultative approach with each customer and collaborate across teams to ensure innovative solutions are delivered effectively. Our Customer Engagement teams act as a central touchpoint to assess the needs of each client and utilise our Practices teams to provide the technical and industry expertise needed to develop robust solutions. 

Our Corporate teams provide project stability combined with a constantly optimising process framework to ensure our Delivery teams manage and execute your projects with ever-increasing efficiency and quality-certified, operational excellence.

Flexible Delivery Model
Technology has made the world smaller, but the collaboration needed to span locations and project stages takes focus and dedication. Our specialized solutions combine global resources under a central point of contact, cutting-edge technology, training and processes to constantly optimise performance and find new efficiencies.

On-site, off-site, near-site and offshore capabilities combined with our flexible delivery model and access to top talent around the world let us provide scalable services, insourcing, outsourcing and more — uniquely suited to the needs of our customers.

Management Can Be Daunting
Your projects are complex and full of technical challenges and changing business needs. We address these by:

  • Positioning one point of contact in your time zone to manage and coordinate regional engineering, clinical and lab services, removing the oversight of an array of partners
  • Developing security procedures that keep intellectual property safe, regardless of location, through use of Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Our flexible capabilities are all accessible and optimised to our clients’ needs, and we provide the right balance between:

  • Seamless on-site collaboration
  • Firepower and speed of our domestic off-site centers
  • Cost-effectiveness of offshore

Every Project Is Unique
We provide expert teams and proven support structures thereby extending technical and managerial bandwidth in order to:

  • Meet project deadlines
  • Incorporate new technology
  • Offload non-core tasks and responsibilities
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

With over 3,700 consultants globally and the capability to scale through more than 250 field offices across North America, India, Germany, Asia Pacific and the UK, EASi brings critical expertise and a proven support structure to serve our customers.

Service Levels
Each customer and industry is different and can require different levels of service. By taking a consultative approach, we ensure each customer gets the solution that fits their industry and specific business needs.

For Engineering customers seeking to supplement their staff with additional collaborative talent, our Managed Resources offering takes care of employment-related management tasks while letting our customers control day-to-day work. When bandwidth becomes a concern on part of a project, our Managed Deliverables services execute specific functions and complete defined project outputs. In cases where a company needs a partner to take on a full project, our Outsourcing services provide the expertise, infrastructure and capability to manage and deliver from the start of a project to final project close out.

Given the length and complexities of Clinical trials and the varying talent needs throughout the process, our Managed Resources serve a critical role in keeping things on track. And for clients looking for a more comprehensive solution, we offer insourced Functional Service Provider options that provide a high degree of flexibility and integration. If you need a solution to take on specific deliverables throughout the process, we also offer Project-Based Outsourcing.

To fit specific needs of our Lab customers, we also fill talent gaps through our Managed Resources model and execute functions and project outputs through Managed Deliverables. But for customers needing more, our Insourcing capabilities offer comprehensive services and lab management to deliver on project outputs without leaving our customers’ sites.

Business Transformation
As technology has shifted the expertise and services needed, it also has created the need to rethink how we can do business better. We offer our clients a proven service management framework to integrate people, process and technology with a high level of visibility. This ensures planned operational methods and structure are part of every EASi service engagement, enabling our services to be consistently delivered on-time and on-budget.

Through this framework we establish a secure network and technology infrastructure, set performance baselines, identify efficiency improvements and implement corrective actions, training and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for continuous improvement. In addition, our communication, engagement, resource management, quality management and risk management processes cover all aspects of the project life cycle. Whether we are delivering our services more efficiently or helping our customers adapt their operations to evolving business and technological realities, our focus on evolving and constantly improving how we do business keeps process and production at the cutting edge.


Our compliant Quality Management Systems (QMS) ensure our solutions are delivered with high quality and consistency. Combined with our project management methodology, this enables us to integrate operations with our customers and collaborate between dispersed teams to execute cutting-edge, innovative solutions on-time and on-budget. Our QMS has been evaluated for Design and Development, and Engineering Services (CAD Services and CAE Analysis Report Services) including Managed and Project-Based for the Automotive, Transportation, Aerospace, Construction and Industrial Equipment, Hi-Tech and Commercial Industries. Our certifications include the following:


  • ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System (Troy, Michigan | Lancaster, Pennsylvania | Bangalore, India)
  • ISO 13485: 2016 Quality Management System, Medical Devices (Troy, Michigan | Lancaster, Pennsylvania)
  • AS9100D: 2016 Quality Management System, Aviation, Space and Defense organizations (Bangalore, India)
  • ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 Information Security Management System (Bangalore, India | Troy, Michigan | Lancaster, Pennsylvania)
See EASi’s Quality Policy.