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There is a simple, elegant beauty to science. The world gets broken down into the predictability of molecules, models and formulas. Our Clinical and Lab services go beyond just managing the science — they manage the people and processes that make the science happen. What could be a point of uncertainty becomes a source of innovation to not just respond to your business needs, but anticipate challenges and efficiently deliver with enhanced control, visibility, communication, retention and quality.


Beyond testing in the lab, we put conventional thinking to the test, seeking out more efficient, flexible and cost-effective ways to deliver reliable results. You can trust EASi to provide innovative lab services with high levels of staff retention, customised to your needs.


Research & Development

Lab Support Services

Manufacturing Support

Environmental Monitoring


Producing consistent, valid clinical trial results on schedule goes beyond solving problems — it includes proactive planning to reduce risks and maintain quality. Our services come with processes, reporting and visibility customised to each client, across all therapeutic areas, ensuring results are right the first time, on-time and on-target.


Clinical Trial Management & Support

Drug Safety


Data Management

Medical Affairs

Global Capabilities Model

Technology has made the world smaller, but sometimes you need the immediacy and confidentiality of someone standing beside you. By combining and coordinating on-site, onshore, and offshore capabilities with our flexible model and access to the top talent around the world, we can provide services in Engineering and Sciences uniquely suited to the needs of our customers.