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Producing consistent, valid clinical trial results on schedule goes beyond solving problems — it includes proactive planning to reduce risks and maintain quality. Our Monitoring, Clinical Trial Management & Support, Drug Safety, Data Management and Medical Affairs services come with processes, reporting and visibility customized to each client, across all therapeutic areas, ensuring results are right the first time, on-time and on-target.

Clinical Trial Management & Support

Keeping clinical trials on track takes foresight and planning to anticipate potential needs, manage risks, fill any gaps and avoid delays. Whether the need is in clinical project management, clinical trial management, management of a specific component or the wide range of support roles involved in a clinical trial, our services combine to cover all the bases for our customers.

Drug Safety

While keeping patients safe is a common concern in the medical field, it is nowhere more important than in clinical trials. Our experts in pharmacovigilance and drug safety limit risk to trial participants, and report adverse events (AEs) in compliance with regulations to ensure patient safety.


The conclusions drawn in clinical trials are only as valid as the testing performed. From site to medical and data monitoring, we police the process to ensure government regulations and client SOPs are met throughout all clinical trial stages.

Data Management

Securely managing large quantities of data may get a lot of attention lately, but it is nothing new to clinical trials. We combine processes, technology and expertise to quickly and efficiently make sense of the mountains of clinical data, packaging it to fit the needs of our customers.

Medical Affairs

Putting the complexities and technical nuances of a clinical trial into clear, concise and comprehensive language that satisfies regulatory bodies requires a special kind of talent, in addition to specialized expertise. Regulatory affairs and medical writing comprise an integral part of our clinical trial teams, translating the science into actionable words. 

Global Capabilities Model

Technology has made the world smaller, but sometimes you need the immediacy and confidentiality of someone standing beside you. By combining and coordinating on-site, onshore, and offshore capabilities with our flexible model and access to the top talent around the world, we can provide services in Engineering and Sciences uniquely suited to the needs of our customers.