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Clinical Trial Management & Support

Keeping clinical trials on track takes foresight and planning to anticipate potential needs, manage risks, fill any gaps and avoid delays. Whether the need is in clinical project management, clinical trial management, management of a specific component or the wide range of support roles involved in a clinical trial, our services combine to cover all the bases for our customers.

Consultative Approach
The flexibility of our service offering lets us manage an entire team or a piece of the team, depending on the specific needs of each customer. Our project and trial managers ensure Good Clinical Practices (GCPs) and your SOPs are followed throughout the trial, while streamlining both day-to-day operations and the process overall. Our careful planning and management create certainty and avoid bait-and-switch contracts, ensuring change-based costs are eliminated and the team we bring is the team you get.

Our Expertise
The needs for support and expertise can change with each customer and each trial. While having specialised expertise in management is essential, not having support for roles such as patient screeners or invoicing can create a bottleneck. EASi’s strategic partnership with Aerotek not only allows us to recruit experienced specialists to match people to needs, but also lets us complement our clinical services with staffing of additional business support, beyond the clinical trial. Through one central point of contact, we can provide and augment a wide range of support roles, keeping staff levels under control and reducing vendor count.

Project Performance
Good managers know that listening and communication are key to anticipating challenges and solving problems. We take the same approach to providing clinical services.  By constantly monitoring performance and potential risks, not only do we increase transparency for our clients, but we also foster industry-leading staff retention, leading to smooth, consistent results.