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Beyond testing in the lab, we put conventional thinking to the test, seeking out more efficient, flexible and cost-effective ways to deliver reliable results. Whether you are looking for Research & Development, Manufacturing Support, Environmental Monitoring or Lab Support Services, you  can trust EASi to provide innovative lab services with high levels of staff retention, customized to your needs.

Research & Development

Research and development (R&D) is where inspiration gets introduced to perspiration. Using our collaborative approach, we work with our customers to incorporate new perspectives from other industries and new technologies to increase the velocity with which new products are created and developed.

Lab Support Services

Staying on top of the latest technology is tough enough, but it can become unmanageable without the right support. From lab design and setup down to the smallest administrative detail, our support services keep our customers focused on generating results.

Manufacturing Support

In the fast-paced, constantly optimizing world of manufacturing, lab testing and quality control need to keep up with the speed of production. From raw materials or components from suppliers through to the final product, we conduct material, physical, chemical and biological testing to assure safety and quality for the consumer.

Environmental Monitoring

From a pristine lake to a sterile clean room, environmental monitoring ensures biological, radiological and chemical contaminants are kept in check. Our environmental monitors draw, process and analyze samples to ensure compliance with the latest ecological, safety and production specifications.

Global Capabilities Model

Technology has made the world smaller, but sometimes you need the immediacy and confidentiality of someone standing beside you. By combining and coordinating on-site, onshore, and offshore capabilities with our flexible model and access to the top talent around the world, we can provide services in Engineering and Sciences uniquely suited to the needs of our customers.