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Environmental Monitoring

From a pristine lake to a sterile clean room, environmental monitoring ensures biological, radiological and chemical contaminants are kept in check. Our environmental monitors draw, process and analyse samples to ensure compliance with the latest ecological, safety and production specifications.

From swabbing on-site for contamination to remotely monitoring air quality, by increasing automation, our environmental monitors are able to process samples with greater efficiency. When contamination is detected, we take a holistic approach to assess the risk, identify the source, plan the cleanup and look for ways to prevent it in the future. As regulations, standards and enforcement become less consistent from country to country, our global network  of experts helps ensure environmental needs are met, regardless of the location.

Consultative Approach
EASi’s collaborative service model means that our solutions don’t stop at the lab. Whether we are communicating with one of our engineering and sciences teams or with our customers, we ensure the outputs of our environmental monitoring are timely and actionable. Our strategic partnership with Aerotek not only taps into their recruiting power to ensure we have specialised expertise, but also ensures delivery for environmental decontamination and remediation needs, all through a centralised point of contact.

Our Expertise
From large-scale industrial manufacturing to the most sterile pharmaceutical or clinical environments, the needed specialised environmental monitoring expertise can change. But whether we are looking for hazardous waste pollution or the smallest microbe, our focus remains on providing our customers with environmental monitoring results they can count on.