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Research & Development

Research and development (R&D) is where inspiration gets introduced to perspiration. Using our collaborative approach, we work with our customers to incorporate new perspectives from other industries and new technologies to increase the velocity with which new products are created and developed.

Our R&D support includes:
  • Niche Research Associates
  • Scale-Up Pilot Plant Work
  • Project Support
  • Investigations
  • Developmental Teams
  • Chemistry Support
  • Microbiology Support
  • Therapy Development Support

From pharmaceuticals and medical devices to petrochemicals and consumer products, companies in virtually every industry have become dependent on R&D to stay competitive. The procedures involved in diverse services such as processing samples for clinical research, developing industrial chemicals or testing advanced composites require different specialized expertise — but they all need people with a passion for advancing the science behind them. From initial experimental discovery to product validation and optimization, we combine Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) with a constant focus on making new and better products, processes and technologies.

Consultative Approach
Innovation doesn’t just come from looking for a new idea, but also from looking at something existing in a new way. Using a multidisciplinary approach, we combine industry-specific specialisation with ideas reapplied from our successes in other industries and specialities. We collaborate with engineering to validate and improve designs and simulations while using new, higher-performing materials. For medical device and pharmaceutical customers, we both prepare for clinical trials and take insights from those trials to create new and improved products. Using our flexible delivery model, we are able to tap into a range of perspectives from on-site to offshore, while leveraging strengths and insights in each market. Throughout this collaboration, we pre-screen talent and use information security protocols to ensure your intellectual property is safe.

Project Performance
Experienced researchers know that bringing the next cutting-edge technology or product to market requires stability, continuity and security within the research team. With our industry-leading staff retention, the experts working on your project stay on your project, avoiding retraining delays and ensuring strict confidentiality. By working seamlessly with your research team, we help our customers bring breakthrough innovations to market faster and ahead of the competition.