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Technology Leaders Take on Digital Transformation

An EASi engineer provides insight into how he has leveraged his leadership ability, technological expertise and team-building skills to earn success – and an award from BEYA.

As the digital revolution continues to transform industries, workers with advanced technology skills play an increasingly critical role in keeping their companies competitive. In recognition of the achievements of these talented employees, the Annual Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYA) Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Conference, each year presents the prestigious Modern Day Technology Leaders Award.

To provide insight into how one engineer has leveraged his leadership ability, technological expertise and team-building skills to earn success in his field, we are proud to acknowledge one of EASi’s top performers. At this year’s event, February 9-11 in Washington, D.C., the award will be presented to EASi engineer Sudarshana Nedle.

Managing a 100-person team in multiple time zones
Nedle, a delivery manager with a focus on embedded systems within the consumer and industrial products industry, currently manages cloud infrastructure testing for a global technology corporation.

To help the corporation stay ahead of its competition, Nedle oversees a team of 100 experts, including other embedded systems engineers who have highly specialized skill sets and deep background in the industry. He also concentrates on developing better ways to manage workload and workflow. “We deploy quality people to improve efficiency so that the company’s managers can focus on meeting their customer’s needs,” explains Nedle. His cutting-edge experience in embedded systems is a crucial benefit to the company as it stays ahead of the curve on innovation for new and existing products.

While working with distributed teams in multiple time zones in his current engagement, Nedle has created a cohesive team that effectively manages project deliverables. He also spends time outside work hours mentoring new employees and creating educational materials that help them meet project goals.

Marrying hardware and software
Nedle, has a deep curiosity into how things work, which led to an abrupt change of course in his early career. “I took a big risk when, after working as a mechanical engineer, I decided to pursue my master’s in software engineering,” he continues. “It was a lot of work getting up to speed on the computer science aspects, but it turned out be a great decision.”

Having insight into mechanical components as well as the software behind them gives him a better perspective on how products function, he says.

Nedle has spent much of his professional career at EASi and Aerotek, and he says he knows he’s in the right place. “What I enjoy most about working at EASi – and TEKSystems and Aerotek prior to that – is the people. There is so much support, cooperation and teamwork. Communication is very open and transparent, and talent is always recognized. I really appreciate the ability to use my technical skills to solve problems, while working in such a positive environment.”