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Case Study

3D Models Help Printer by Value-Engineering a Costly Product Part

EASi works in close collaboration with an industrial printer’s internal engineering team in value engineering an existing printer head.

The client and challenge
The customer, a leader in industrial printing press manufacturing, needed to value engineer an existing printer head to reduce manufacturing costs without compromising design and within the existing footprint.  The customer needed a service partner to support the requirement in close collaboration with its internal engineering team.

The EASi solution
To better understand the company, engineering operation and product line, EASi conducted an on-site visit. During the visit, computer files were transferred, standards were reviewed and expected outcomes/approaches were discussed. An internal review of the printer head identified 12 items to evaluate for value engineering possibilities. After spending time with the customer, going over the machine and learning the functions of the areas in question, we were able to identify the critical features of the components that required tight tolerances and others that were less critical.

EASi then completed value engineered design models from our delivery center, which included a 3D model, detailed 2D drawing and updated sub-assemblies and associated drawings. Finite element analysis was completed for several models to assure product performance standards would be maintained. Upon completion and approval, the individual task design files were forwarded.

EASi scheduled and led a bi-weekly meeting to review progress, answer questions and resolve design issues. We used detailed agendas that resulted in brief, effective collaborative efforts. To prevent project re-work, EASi maintained a shared spreadsheet to coordinate engineering progress between our team and the customer’s internal engineering department.

The results
Deliverables included 2D drawings and 3D models created in Pro-E and documentation of observations and assumptions made during project execution.

EASi redesigned the components, ensuring that we maintained critical relationships and tight tolerances where necessary and simplifying and relaxing other constraints to allow for affordable manufacturing. Our approach helped the customer work towards a 30 percent cost savings target.