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Case Study

Automating Piston Ring Insertion Assembly with Help from EASi

EASi provides designs to automate piston ringer insertion assembly, maximized for variability, ease of operator access and serviceability.

The client and the challenge
The client, a manufacturer, needed to design and develop detailed drawings for multiple stations to automate piston ringer insertion assembly. This required it to build variability into the station to accommodate various sizes of the piston assembly and rings, as well as design for ease of operator access and serviceability.

The EASi solution
EASi developed a project schedule organized into stages for concept development, final design and drawings release. We created standards and requirements tracking for this project and reviewed concept design with the customer to verify compliance with specifications and that the design met all functional requirements.

We investigated standard parts from various suppliers for functionality and cost, and performed design optimization. Detail drawings of all individual parts to manufacture and assemble, including the necessary GD&T information, were completed using Autodesk Inventor. Modeling and drawing standards were followed as per machine shop best practices, including datum scheme, tolerances and dimensioning.

The results
EASi completed designs for multiple, progressive stations performing individual operations within the given project timeline. This included complete concept design and 3D models that considered the assembly function as well as detailed drawings with applicable GD&T and notes regarding the function. Through design optimization, the parts and assembly process were simplified.