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Case Study

Avionics System Manufacturer Soars to New Heights of Efficiency

EASi helps an aviation client achieve a streamlined process and aggressive cost-savings through a multi-functional onsite team that supported various projects and products as needed. 

The client and challenge
Our client is a large avionics company that produces analog and digital engine controls, flight controls, avionics control systems, cockpit systems and cabin systems in a heavy safety critical environment. Like many businesses, our client experiences peaks and valleys as projects begin and end. In addition, because of its remote location, our client found it difficult to attract and retain talent. Our client preferred to manage the work internally, yet struggled with a change-averse culture and an inability to adequately scope work for SOW-based projects and ITAR regulations.

The EASi solution
EASi developed a 61-person, multi-functional onsite team with a dedicated onsite delivery manager to support various projects and products as needed. EASi allocated and re-allocated resources to meet the needs of the various programs the client offers and also supported the client to bundle work to be sent offsite or to be assigned to an onsite project team for certain tasks.

The results
EASi supported the client with product design and testing, which included digital engine controllers (FADEC), digital flight controllers (DFCC), Cabin Control Panels (CCP) and hybrid drive systems, allowing the company to meet an aggressive cost-savings target by allocating the appropriate skillsets to specific tasks. EASi also consolidated the integration of all the components and conducted formal system testing prior to market release.

HW PCB Design
Analog HW Circuit Design
Digital HW Electrical Design
A/C Power Distribution
Power Supply and Magnetics Development
VHDL Design
FPGA Design, Development and Test
System Simulation and Modeling
System Integration and Testing
System Validation
Parts Obsolescence
Component Engineering
Requirements Management
Embedded SW Development
SW Unit Testing
Software Tools Development
Test Equipment Electrical Engineering
Production Test Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Design and Drafting