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Case Study

EASi Extends Client's Engineering Bandwidth with SDLC Services for a Software Licensing System

Protecting secure data for clients using  a multi-tenancy software licensing "satellite" is crucial.  This global technology firm accomplished it with support from EASi engineering services. 

The client and challenge
Driven by security concerns from one of its top clients, our customer, a multinational technology company that provides innovative collaboration and connectivity solutions, needed to deploy an air-gapped software licensing “satellite” with the ability to support multi-tenancy (MT) software licensing accounts. Clients utilizing the MT-satellite needed to be authenticated and provided secure access to their smart accounts without the ability to compromise other accounts. In addition to securely supporting multiple accounts, the MT-satellite software needed to interface with all of the customer’s products and simulate behavior as the company’s central license server.

To complete this work in addition to its other projects, the customer needed a services partner that could extend its engineering bandwidth by providing full software development lifecycle (SDLC) support and management.

The EASi solution
EASi provided a fully outsourced software development program with a fixed timeline and budget, and implemented a managed project using the Agile approach for all the phases of the SDLC.

Our team included senior-level Ruby on Rails (RoR) development and software release packaging engineering support on-site at one of our customer’s East Coast facilities, as well as RoR architecture services on-site at one of its West Coast facilities. Both teams and all delivery functions were managed by an EASi program manager assigned to this customer.

To staff the team, we leveraged our full-service talent acquisition team, which includes six focused recruiters and a talent acquisition manager with more than 10 years of industry experience. We also consolidated one resource from another vendor to retain critical program knowledge and streamline the overall project delivery for our customer. Project ramp-up was completed within five weeks.

With EASi taking responsibility for the following activities, the customer could focus on other projects and business strategy:

  • Talent acquisition, onboarding, infrastructure and performance management requirements.
  • Work scheduling and planning, including requirement gathering and analysis and implementation/management of the Agile approach
  • Completion and verification/validation of software code
EASi created a sprint schedule and identified major milestones to efficiently manage the project and ensure delivery within the fixed timeline and budget, using JIRA™ scrum meetings and bi-weekly sprint retrospectives.

The results
EASi’s program enabled our customer to fully outsource this project and achieved all required delivery results for software development within target timelines. Our solution was made easy-to-deploy and support while also being built on a secure Department of Defense (DoD) compliant CentOS base, and delivered the following meet the program requirements for this satellite:

  • Multi-Tenant Satellite (MTS) architecture
  • Migration of smart licensing code into the new satellite stand-alone product
  • Development of a DoD SCAP-compliant CentOS 7 ISO image
  • Creation of a new MTS Single Page Application (SPA) user interface
  • Maintenance of target deployment timelines and provision of a Smart Licensing R&D validation platform to the customer’s product groups for testing implementations
Our model alleviated two to three man-years of technical management from our customer and effectively provided fully functional software code. This software upgraded our customer’s licensing tool to more efficiently take on and support more clients across multiple platforms in a secure environment.

SPA UI Development, RBAC, REST API
Ruby-on-Rails, Angular2, certificate-based authorization, OAuth2, LDAP
Software Release Packaging, SCAP compliance scans