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Case Study

EASi Gets an OEM Back on Track with Fixture Design Support

An electric vehicle manufacturer taps EASi for testing and validation to ensure a large volume of fixture design work on a tight deadline.

The client and challenge
The customer, a designer and manufacturer of premium electric vehicles, was in the final phase of testing and validation of its new sedan, and they needed to complete the design and fabrication of component and subsystem test fixtures. Initially, the customer was relying on its in-house design team for this work, but because of the volume and a fast approaching completion date, they reached out to EASi for support. They needed a solution that provided immediate access to experienced fixture designers used to working on both aluminum and steel designs with proven automotive/manufacturing backgrounds and a deliverable-based structure to ensure deadlines were met.

The EASi solution
EASi has a long history of supporting OEMs and suppliers in the automotive industry and has a team with the necessary experience and understanding of the design requirements for aluminum fixtures, used in vibration and thermal testing. We engaged our in-house practices team to quickly understand the testing parameters, the components and the design specifications to develop a well-aligned solution that leveraged the EASi team in our U.S. and India delivery centers.

Our team included a lead designer from our Troy, Michigan, delivery center, who took responsibility for concept design and validation checking, along with four CATIA designers in our offshore delivery center who were responsible for 3D modeling and developing the manufacturing prints. The project started immediately, and EASi was able to exceed expectations and deliver before the deadline.

Fixture completion needed to align with the testing schedule, so our delivery organization used a collaborative approach with the customer to manage work packages and a secured data exchange to protect intellectual property. We also used our formal delivery process to keep our client updated as to progress and deliverables.

The results
By quickly engaging and utilizing our proven processes, we enabled our customer to efficiently outsource fixture design, getting them back on schedule to meet production dates. Our support extended the customer’s engineering bandwidth by offloading about one year of work in 12 weeks.

EASi worked with the customer’s designers obtaining concept signoff and with its fabrication suppliers to ensure manufacturing did not incur any design-related delays. Our deliverables included assembly designs and fabrication prints. This support enabled the customer get test fixtures manufactured and into its testing lab.

Our fixture designs were required to meet mounting requirements for two vibration tables. Where smaller fixtures could mount to the larger table if the needed:
  • A large table used for components such as the instrumentation panel. These fixtures adhered to steel construction standards
  • A smaller vibration table for components such as door handles and rear view mirrors. These fixtures adhered to aluminum fixture standards