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Case Study

EASi Helps Farm Equipment Company Harvest New Achievements

By assisting a farm equipment company on all phases of developing and supporting new and existing products, EASi helps expand their capabilities. 

The client and challenge
Our customer has a number of legacy products and is constantly working on upgrades, improvements and fixes. A handful of internal engineers performed the work on an individual basis but this method led to extended timeframes and missed deadlines. Our customer, a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of specialty harvesters, helps households enjoy a healthy supply of fruits and vegetables, as well as coffee beans and grapes for wine.

The EASi solution
A new director of engineering was hired by the company and he quickly implemented a more structured approach to product release and enhancements. He tapped EASi as a resource for the internal engineers, to ensure they had the additional manpower and capabilities necessary to meet the faster turnaround times.

The client originally contracted with EASi to work on a sweet corn harvester that was having field issues with its elevator. EASi reverse engineered the component to predict where cracks would appear, developed analytic models to duplicate the failures, determined fixes and validated the results.  EASi was able to determine the best and most cost-effective way to address the structural issues.

Impressed with EASi’s capabilities, the client asked EASi to undertake new product design engagements, creating concept models, prototypes and documentation

The results
EASi has successfully fulfilled each project and continues to work closely with the customer on additional projects. Because EASi was able to supplement the customer’s capabilities, the customer was able to shorten the development cycle, improve existing products and meet delivery deadlines consistently.

Mechanical Engineering
3D Modeling
Structural Layout
Hydraulic Routing
Electrical Routing
Structural Analysis