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Case Study

EASi Helps Manufacturer Stay on Top of Red-Hot Med Device Industry

Intense competition to design and create cutting-edge medical devices means that manufacturers need reliable resources to help them maximize critical skill sets and increase efficiency. 

The client and challenge
The burgeoning demand for medical devices has created a very competitive environment for companies that design and manufacture them, including our client, a multinational organization. Because the organization supported its material testing labs using contract employees from multiple vendors, tenure limitations created a risk of losing highly skilled employees. The customer needed a managed service approach to retain key resources, avoid co-employment risk and drive operational efficiency.

The EASi solution
We developed a solution to transition these employees to our managed project team. When we identified that several labs had the same issues, we executed multiple consolidations with as many as 25 resources at a time, organized employees into six teams and established a team lead from within the existing consultant base (per interviews/screening by our delivery organization). These teams support eight business groups and skill sets included laboratory technicians, physicists, chemists, CAD mechanical drafters and mechanical engineers. We designed and implemented an overall workflow to improve efficiency; work requirements are received by the team leads and assigned to their teams, with overarching support from our delivery manager. Each team has a technical/engineering level support pool to provide timely, accurate and cost effective lab services in support of new and existing product development.

Our delivery organization provides overarching program management and serves as the liaison to the customer to address issues, streamline communication, offload non-core tasks from the customer’s managers (such as resource selection and onboarding) and verify timeliness of deliverables through monitored KPI’s on a monthly basis. Deliverables include physical property testing, optical characterization, image analysis, analytical and chemical testing, sample preparation, characterization reports and data summaries.

The results
With our support, the customer has been able to effectively consolidate and retain a team of core employees, and expand its program to 46 managed resources supporting eight product and material testing laboratories in multiple states. Business units supported by our program include Drug Delivery Systems, Display Materials and Systems and Industrial Adhesives, and our managed approach frees up its managers to focus on business strategy and core requirements. This model drives efficiency and productivity through our KPIs, including consistently attaining 95 percent on-time delivery and zero percent rework on a monthly basis, and cross-training for personnel and management/communication training for team leads provided by EASi.