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Case Study

EASi Improves Aviation Product Development Process and Reduces Cost

EASi creates a fatigue analysis process for an aviation supplier that shortens the product developmental lifecycle by up to 50 percent and achieves significant cost savings

The client and challenge
Our customer, a leading supplier of aircraft landing gear actuation systems, was validating fatigue life through time-consuming and expensive physical tests. It required engineering designs to minimize product validation timelines and identify any potential packaging issues prior to prototype development. To create these designs, the customer needed to perform stress-based linear fatigue analysis on components to investigate and identify possible crack initiation regions.

The EASi solution
The fatigue analysis process EASi developed consisted of verifying modeling needs, analyzing loading conditions, processing results, synthesizing and recommending repair solutions. This process, executed by resources with significant aerospace industry experience, included:

  • Generating a stress-based fatigue analysis methodology and template
  • Following best practices and customer guidelines for stress calculations
  • Identifying requisite material data
  • Developing a spreadsheet for fatigue calculations
  • Determine fatigue life based on calculated stress
The results
EASi’s established fatigue methodology and templates allowed the client to collect results and identify, then investigate, regions that required modification or repair. Results from the testing were validated and helped to shorten the product developmental lifecycle in some cases up to 50 percent.