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Case Study

Medical Equipment Company Scores with New MRI Housing

EASi provides a medical equipment manufacturer with small, simple to manufacture, light and accurate MRI machine templates.

The client and challenge
The customer, a medical equipment company, needed to design tooling and fixturing for the housing of an MRI machine. Cost-effective, structurally-rigid sheet metal and 3D printable template options needed to be created to allow field technicians to make customized router cuts on existing products to make a desired contour.

Due to headcount restrictions and bandwidth limitations, the customer needed service support to complete the design project within a short timeline to meet build requirements. The customer needed concepts for templates that were simple to manufacture, light, accurate and small enough to be stored easily.

Design expectations:
  • Templates could be weldment or 3D printed and needed to weigh less than 30 pounds
  • Printed templates should be made inside of the customer’s 3D printer footprint (14” x 16”)
  • Printing material was ULEM 9085 and volume needed to kept to a minimum
  • Purchased hardware needed to be aluminum or non-magnetic stainless steel
  • General tooling/fixture expertise required
  • Customer-supplied part prints and references
  • Used customer-approved pin and grommet to duplicate mounting on parts
The EASi solution
EASi provides design solutions and engineering customization for unique requirements, validations and 2D manufacturing drawing creation for medical device manufacturers. Our design team executed the following from our engineering delivery center using Solidworks 2017:

  • Designed an aluminum weldment template with McMaster-Carr purchased items and customer-supplied locating grommet
  • Designed 3D printed template with two revisions:
    • Option that fit in the customer’s machine size and in which parts would be bonded at top-assembly level
    • Option that was full-size for outsourced 3D printed size
The results
EASi provided the customer with a complete design for final review well within the customer’s timelines. All templates were within the customer’s required weight and sizes.