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Smart Products a Smart Opportunity for Manufacturing Growth

For manufacturers, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the rise of smart technology provide a matchless opportunity to revolutionize their product lines and compete on a global scale.

Every CEO of a product company needs to have a boardroom conversation answering this question: “Can we make our products smart?” Because, for manufacturers of any size, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the rise of smart technology provide a matchless opportunity to revolutionize their product lines and successfully compete on a global scale. The demand for smart products, driven by younger consumers as well as industrial users who want better ROI from their tools, is sure to grow.

To be first to market and revolutionize, successful product companies need to figure out how to quickly access the additional capacity and skillsets necessary for innovating new product capabilities and connectivity, while ensuring regulatory compliance at each step of the process. For mid-sized companies especially, budgetary limitations may preclude acquiring another company or adding too many full-time employees. Another option is partnering with an engineering services provider such as EASi, designed to aid in this very realm of innovation.

Leveraging the IoT
EASi has helped consumer and Industrial companies with a smart strategy to enhance current products, from mattresses to farm and mining equipment to cars.

At one end of the IoT spectrum is data collection via sensors and actuation of control mechanisms to perform remote functions. The next level of function deals with data storage, namely, what is commonly referred to as the Cloud or Fog. The technology involved within this space is responsible for the secure storage of data collected from the sensor stage.

The most complex level of function in embedded systems is data analytics, which deals with the accumulation and learning associated with the vast amount of data collected and stored. EASi is an expert in providing end-to-end solutions in this space, and supports customers in taking their core business to a connected space. Our investments in process, people and technology for IoT – at the sensor level, cloud level and application level – helps our customers continue to evolve smart products.

By being integrated into our clients’ process, we can begin with a needs assessment and defining the interaction the product needs with the IoT. From concept design to integrating the physical sensors with apps on an iPhone, for instance, EASi is able to traverse the entire IoT spectrum. Our flexible delivery models, which involve working with client teams at their locations and then integrating and testing the code from offsite and offshore locations, is our biggest differentiator in the marketplace from a cost, speed and efficiency standpoint.

Medical device manufacturing
An aging population in developed markets has put innovation in the spotlight at medical device companies. The benefits of IoT as described above are directly applicable to med devices, but with additional levels of requirements including patient data confidentiality, safety regulations and compliance to different government norms making medical devices an especially complex environment.

In the healthcare field, the benefits of instantaneously connecting providers with patient information, among many other functions, promise to transform the patient experience as well as lower health care administration costs significantly. Moreover, changing consumer preferences, emerging markets and increasing regulations require that the medical device industry adapt quickly in order to deliver innovative new devices. However, security and connectivity for medical devices are of a very different paradigm compared to other wearables and products.

EASi helps medical device manufacturers extract more value out of their intellectual property by providing services such as design, prototype development, testing, regulatory support, clinical trials, manufacturing engineering, sourcing and after-market support. As regulations increase due to a demand for better and safer products by end users and government stakeholders, we are increasingly brought in to serve as an expert resource for companies who need to be ever more vigilant in product safety and compliance. At EASi, we invest in keeping up to date on all the regulatory requirements.

Research and development
As the world population grows and consumers become more demanding, the competition to efficiently bring products to market has never been greater. Consequently, creating reliable products by appropriate design, adding more than adequate features n the product, and thorough testing, verification and validation is a challenge. EASi provides experts and fully functional laboratories that act as extensions of clients on embedded systems, connectivity, app development and hardware design programs. We lead with electronics and embedded engineering and then bring in other engineering disciplines to help customers differentiate their products.

EASi’s goal is to integrate seamlessly with our clients’ capabilities, to help them develop new products by supplementing their in-house competencies.

Globalization, technological advances and the industry’s own drive for continuous improvement ensure that engineering will be at the forefront of innovation for many years to come. At EASi, being part of that progress — supporting our clients as they pursue their future goals—is why we do what we do.