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Case Study

A Brighter Future for Electric Utility, Designed and Delivered by EASi

EASi helps an electric utility client fulfill its growing workload demands by implementing a strategy to source, recruit and train a new generation of talented engineers.

The client and challenge
Our client, an electric utility in the Southwestern U.S., defense contractor responsible for flight training systems for the U.S. Navy, was experiencing a significant increase in capital projects coupled with a shortage of personnel. The client was experiencing a significant increase in capital projects coupled with a shortage of personnel. In addition to requiring qualified and well-rounded engineers and associate engineers for its projects, it was experiencing “brain drain,” as its aging engineering workforce began to retire. This required a solution to grow its workforce and develop a knowledge retention strategy.

The EASi solution
EASi collaborated with the client to conduct campus recruiting and leveraged its existing knowledge base of partnerships in the utilities industry to create content for training and to fulfill on its capital projects. The EASi team became established at the utility client's facilities because the projects required a high level of communication and collaboration. To meet the need for a formal workforce development initiative, EASi implemented an industry-proven apprenticeship development program (“farm team”) that combines coaching, mentoring and hands-on experience for capital projects. Our learning and development methodology helps develop fully immersive training, adapted for the utilities industry, with a focus on adult learning. EASi’s training approach is customized to the client’s needs and tightly integrated with its organizational goals and strategies. Our apprenticeship development program is aligned to ensure return on investment and positive measurable outcomes as we prepare recruits for a career at the utility location.

The results
EASi’s strategy helped reduce overall development time by approximately 40 percent, and fulfilled electric engineering and design talent needs by establishing a highly qualified team of engineers and designers for SE, PCAM and T&D Planning, including associate engineers for substation, PCAM projects and project managers (PM, RMT, CM Pool) with construction management backgrounds.