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Case Study

Speeding Drivers on Their Way with Roadside Assistance from EASi

EASi establishes a roadside assistance program that enables luxury car owners to have on-the-spot diagnosis and support for any problems that occur. 

The client and challenge
Our customer, an international transportation manufacturing company, specializes in high-quality luxury vehicles, motorcycles and engines. This manufacturer distinguishes itself by providing an excellent customer experience, particularly for its luxury automobiles. When their vehicles malfunctioned on the road and had to undergo costly towing trips to the dealership for diagnosis and repair, it caused unwelcome delays for the driver and any passengers.

The EASi solution
EASi established a specialized Roadside Assistance program whereby master level technicians with highly specialized experience would log in to the car’s electronic systems and diagnose the problem remotely.

EASi’s solution capitalized on the talents of master level technicians it was able to attract to the engagement. The technicians were graduates of the automaker’s 18-month proprietary training program, with five or more years of experience working in the automaker’s dealerships. Most had amassed seven to 10 years of additional training and were very brand loyal to the automaker. Their skills are much appreciated, as evidenced by the top-notch feedback they received from drivers and dealers alike.

The results
EASi’s establishment and successful implementation of the Roadside Assistance program has enabled the automaker to reduce the significant costs of towing and repair, save its customers time and reaffirm its well-deserved reputation for exceptional quality.

Master Level Technician